Bank Deposit Instructions

1. Fill-up a regular deposit slip and deposit the amount due to our account.

2. You have 48 hours to complete payment. Otherwise, your order will be cancelled and your payment will be invalidated. If the deadline falls on a non-banking day, you may deposit on the following day. If you will need more time to complete payment, please email us at or text +63917.581.7086.

3. Once you have made your payment, please send a text message to +63917.581.7086 or an email to You may also send the photo of the deposit slip to us thru Facebook private message. We will confirm the receipt of your payment through an e-mail or a text message and your order will be processed as soon we receive your payment.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to deposit the correct amount as we will not return over-payments; and we will not send the orders of customers with incomplete payments.